When I was at school, one of the things people were always bothering me about was – what sort of music did I like. I’ll admit I found it a little irritating, sometimes I would name strange bands, somtimes even comedy bands. Sometimes I would just ignore them totally,

Occasionally I’ll admit I got funny results as one conversation with a self professed mod, asked me what music I liked

‘Oh, I don’t know, The Who, The Jam, etc.’

‘You’re not a mod!’ he replied, as if the mere idea that I might be was horrifying to him.

‘No, I’m not a mod,’ I replied. The thing is I’ve never considered myself as part of any group especially not one that was based solely around the type of music people listen to. Beside I had named those bands because I knew the guy was a mod and that if he thought I was a fan, it might, at least, get him to stop asking stupid questions. You see what I’m like?

I also refuse to be restricted to just one sort of music, my tastes are quite ecletic and in the words of the prisoner,  I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own.

So, what am I planning here?

Well, A couple of weeks ago (as I write this page) I linked to a couple of youtube videos from the groupl Underground Zero. It occured to me that some people might like to know what other sort of music I listen to. So I was thinking that each week I might add a little bit of music in the form of videos purloined from Youtube and similar websites to the blog.

This is important, I am not planning to host the videos myself and if the host video is removed It is doubtful that I’ll bother to look for a replacement. I consider that what I’m doing here can only benefit the groups in question as it might help to advertise their music to a wider audience. It is however not my intention to stamp on anyone’s rights and if they’ve had the video removed, I’ll respect that right.

I will also not be using this page to do the job of wikipedia. I might link to the relevent wiki page, I might link to the group’s homepage, if I can find either or both. I might even link to decent looking fan made pages, but I will not just cut and paste anything I find on them. If you want to know what wiki has to say about a certain group, read the wiki page. I might though explain a few things about the songs I’ve chosen and why I like them.

There is one final detail, a piece of self policing if you like. I plan to post no more than a maximum of four videos per singer or band. I’ll usually try to keep it to two but there might be an occsional reason to post a third or a fourth, especially if I love a group enough that I can’t decide which tracks would be the best to post.   

And now and afterthought. At the moment there are not many groups added to the list. As time passes that number will most likely swell into the hundreds. In order to save people having to search for the new addition each week, I will have it settle at the top of the list until the next group is added.

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