Read London Wild, by V.E. Shearman

“London Wild”, A Sci-Fi novel by V.E. Shearman

Read the new sci-fi novel London Wild by V.E. Shearman, now available in stores and online shops.

From the back cover:

Distressed, George sees no other way. When the government declares all Herbaht illegal, he insists on releasing Kitty, his peaceful Herbaht companion. He hopes she’ll survive the government’s cleansing of the feline race that escaped to Earth one thousand years ago as a civil war ravaged their homeworld.

The government sees no other way. Terrorism is escalating among wild Herbaht, who believe they must hunt humans to survive. Government raids and roundups begin. Fearful, Kitty ventures into the wild and is taken in by February, a rogue Herbaht constantly on the run.

Meanwhile, the Herbahts’ alien enemies, the Eschiff, see an opportunity. By
providing advanced technology to the humans, the Eschiff hope to finally
eradicate the cat race that angered and abandoned them so many generations ago.

London Wild creatively intertwines the lives of humans, Herbaht, and Eschiff,
each with differing agendas and desires. Some are just trying to live
peacefully; others are carrying out their leaders’ orders. But maybe with
honesty, understanding, and forgiveness they can all finally overcome this
ancient struggle for survival.

A word from the author of London Wild:

To be honest I was never to keen on the above blurb. The last part of the last paragraph in particular irritates me. But maybe with honesty, understanding, and forgiveness they can all finally overcome this ancient struggle for survival. To me this reads as far too fluffy, I also can’t reconcile this with anything actually in the book. Remember London Wild is supposed to be the first part of a trilogy, this makes it sound like everything is sorted and they all live happy ever after. Not really the goal I was aiming for.

Then there’s the mention of the alien race Eschiff. Now, when I was writing the book, I went out of my way not to name them until the very end, I even had the Herbaht refer to them as throwbacks in the prologue in case someone was in the habit of checking through the names of future chapters. then the publisher comes along and sticks the name right in the middle of the blurb. Suddenly all the mystery about one of the characters evaporates because the reader only needs to read the blurb!

In the end, the only thing the blurb really has going for it, is that it is better than anything I could come up with. The book is quite convoluted at times and when I sat down to write a blurb, I didn’t know where to start.

About London Wild: A brief description of the prologue.

Two races of cat like creatures, the Herbaht and the Eschiff have evolved concurrently on a planet about sixty light years hence from Earth. The Herbaht are fewer in number, but are generally in control. Certain members of their race are occasionally elevated to a position where they are reverred as gods and goddesses by the Eschiff, even to the point of having temples built in their name.

Each god or goddess is in control of a city. they are immortal, but only because of a special serum that they get from sacrificing a member of the local Eschiff population. There is a lottery once a month and it is considered a great honour to serve the god or goddess in this way even though none of these servants are ever seen again!

There is an uprising among the Eshiff and two of the Herbaht goddesses flee the planet, they land on earth.

And this is just the prologue. The main part of the story takes place about a thousand years later when thanks in part to their advanced technology, the two goddesses are the matriarchs of a hundred thousand strong race of herbaht on Earth.

If you wish, the prologue to the novel is available for reading right on this site.

Just follow this link for the Prologue to London Wild 

The first three chapters can also be found on this website, just click on London Wild in either the top or side menus and choose the chapter you wish to read from the choices offered.

Where To Purchase London Wild:

If you’d like to know more. you can obtain a copy of London Wild from most good online book stores Here I offer you links to two of them.

Barnes and Noble



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