I'd like to apologize for the adverts that are found on many of the games. I'm afraid these games are actually hosted off site, and regretfully there's nothing I can do about it.Also, although some of these games seem to be cons. They give you one or two levels and then ask you to sign up to play the rest of the game or to give you the premium toys. I don't know every game that asks this and I don't know if a fee is involved. I guess signing up is up to the conscience of the individual player. Personally I think a free game should be a free game. I can understand that people spend time on making the games, but if they want money for it there should be some warning in the mouse over title that it's just a demo. I personally get irritated when I'm given a game, I make good progress and then find I can't finish the game without signing something or paying something. I'm not saying don't charge, but a warning would be nice. If I could I'd sort out the games and eliminate the ones that do this (I wouldn't remove the premium items ones  as these can still be played through without signing or paying anything, just without the special gadgets.)Anyway. If I haven't put you off playing, here are the games.Flash Games  

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