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I’m not sure whats going on with the site lately.

If you move off of the start page, the format goes all wonky.

Also I don’t think any of the games are working anymore. I think this is because the websites

for the games no longer seem to be there but it might be related to the format issue



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I still exist. I just haven’t had the heart to post anything when I’m pretty sure nobody is reading.

This blog is on a hiatus until such time that I get enough interest to start it up again.


In the mean time you can find me under Vincent Shearman on facebook. Feel free to send me a friend request – make sure you let me know why you want to be friends, I’m in the habit of ignoring people who say nothing and have nothing on their page (There are a lot of hackers around.)

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The Creation added to music.


Not much else happen this week. I’m not had a lot of time to work on any book.


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I should be adding a new group today,

but the site doesn’t feel stable. My domain host has changed hands and the new people have a bad reputation for mucking up everything they touch. I’ve already seen signs of that today and so, while I’m waiting for my site to be moved to a new hosting company, I’m going to avoid stating any long posts such as music pages.

I will catch up.

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You may have noticed I haven’t updated the progress of my novel for about a week. This is in part because I didn’t like the direction it was heading in. I think the novel can be salvaged, but I’m going to return to chapter one and start again.

There is a good chance that Chapter Seven will cease to exist altogther.

While I consider my options I’m working on another project, something that isn’t book related.

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Theres been no progress on the latest book recently

This is due in most part to two of my cats being sick

We had to take one of them to the vet saturday and probably again today.

Sorry, but my cats come first.


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No work on the book today

I have to take a cat to the vet

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What is it?

ObamaCare is a government edict forcing people to gamble

what is more, you don’t get a choice, you can’t choose to place your money on red or black. You are forced to place your bet as the goverment dictates. (What kind of bet is it where you are forced to bet on being sick!)

Furthermore, you are placing your bet with a house that doesn’t like to pay out and if something happens where it is actually forced to pay out, the house will demand more money next time for what amounts to the same payback.

Yes you could say I’m not happy with this. If I want to throw away my money, let me choose the game. I’ll take the money to a local casino, the resutl will be the same but I’ll have more fun throwing my money away!

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As time goes by computers seem to be getting more and more powerful

However, back in the eighties and nineties, you woud flip the power switch and the computer would be on and ready for input.

These days, you flip the on switch and have time to go and watch the TV for half an hour while the computer goes through all it’s self checks and loads all the sub-routines and programs and so on.

Whoever claimed that computers were getting faster?


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This website has been around since some time in 2008 I can’t remember the exact date. however, it was only switched over to it’s current wordpress format last year.

The blog part of this website is one year old to day! yay!

Anyone fancy some cake?

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