V.E. Shearman was born in Essex, England in the year 1966, the youngest of three sons to William and Olive Shearman.

The major event of his childhood was the death of his mother due to complications caused by yellow jaundice in 1980 after spending a year or two in various hospitals about the country.

In 1989 he started working for the government as a civil servant. It was a very good job with bursts of activity that happened for 4 or 5 days at the end and the beginning of each month followed by a lull for the rest of the month in which there was very little work to do. In the early days he was even given paid days off because of the lack of work during the quiet part of the month. When he was in the office during that time it was ideal for thinking of ideas for books to write or just to catch up on sleep. With no work to do even the bosses didn’t
mind him sleeping too much, so long as he didn’t snore too loudly.

In October of 1998 he met Lisa, the woman who was to become his wife for the
first time in real life. They had met on the internet a couple of years earlier
and he finally plucked up the courage for a visit. At the time she was living in
the Phoenix area of Arizona and working for a software company.

In November 1998 his father died from complications caused by a stroke, almost a month to the day of his returning from his first trip to Arizona.

In March 2001 he left his job in preparation for emigrating. The place was a lot
different than it had been, although he still got away with the occasional nap
when the work was done. At this time the busy period of the month was almost two weeks in length. Now, several years later, he still keeps in touch with one of the people he worked with during those years and gets regular updates as to what has changed. From what he hears he is glad that he jumped ship when he did.

In July 2001 he finally (after much persuasion) married Lisa.

In 2002 he decided to try his hand at acting and has appeared in many short
films including Ghost Rock, The Last Gunfighter (both of which can be found on
IMDB) and also an episode of America’s Most Wanted. He still considers himself as available for acting work, but all acting has to fit around his current work schedule.

In 2008 he published his first novel, London Wild.

He has two brothers. Tony lives in Felixstowe in England. He is fairly well
known there as a playwright and actor. His other brother, Douglas lives in
Witham in Essex and is happily married to Ros.

Vince and his wife are the proud adoptive parents of four very beautiful
kitties. The four little ‘cat-onalities’ are: Zoe, who wants to mother everyone
whether they want to be mothered or not; Zoe is also the self appointed guardian of the house, going mad whenever a neighbors’ cat dares to set foot on her property. Lexi, Zoe’s littermate twin sister is more adventurous, slinky, and likes to explore closed cupboards; it’s not for nothing that’s she’s known as the cat burglar. Then there’s Mystic, the only male, energetic, rambunctious and lithe little cat, he loves to play and can also be quite naughty when he wants something. Finally there is Shadow, a grey little moggy that used to be a stray, she is terrified of loud noises, especially thunderstorms.

2014 Addendum

Since I wrote the above, we have since adopted three more kitties. Our neighbour was moving out and was going to take them to the pound, which for three 12 year old cats would have been a death sentence. I won’t go into great detail as to the condition they were in when we got them, suffice to say they were being neglected and starved. The smallest, an abbysinian/tabby mix was so thin you could see her ribs. The other two are both Siberian males (big kitties) with unfortunately very matted fur which my wife is trying to cut off is small sessions with them.

The Siberians are known as Ewok and Foxy. Foxy was originally called Airforce One, you can see why we felt the name had to be changed. We called him Foxy because of his ginger fur, with white patches under his chin and on the end of his tail. We decided Ewok could keep his name. The abby/tabby is called Paycee. We think she was probably originally called Pace Car, since it seems to fit with the persona of naming a cat Airforce One.

In other news, my brother Tony, can now be heard working as a DJ on both Felixstowe Radio and Ipswich Community Radio. You can hear his program Wednesday night of Felixstowe Radio and Friday around lunch time on Ipswich (about 8 weeks behind) He also guest DJs on music shows again, Felixstowe Radio on Thursday mornings under an assumed nose and ICR (Ipswich community etc) Friday mornings.

Use these links if you want to hear him.

Felixstowe Radio


And yes, being in Arizona my brother is on in the middle of the night for me.

I regret to announce that on the ides of February 2015 we lost Zoe 🙁

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  1. Tony Shearman says:

    Test message:
    Hope everything still Ok. No earth shattering news in last two days! Won a local Bridge Tournament this afternoon, but what’s new!!!!!!?????
    Opposition not the hottest.

    All the best – Just hope you get this.
    Cheers for now

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