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An impressive little film although the CGI was lacking in places.

The apes looked very cartoony at least at the beginning of the movie.

I’ll admit I thought this was going to be an origin story in the same kind of vein as Greystoke. I suppose technically it is an origin story of sorts, but it picks up after Greystoke has returned to England and taken his rightful place in society.

He gets and invite back to Africa by the Belgian monarch whose representative, Ernst Stavro Blofeld is using local natives as slave labour to get at the local diamonds.

Blofeld kidnaps Jane (what else was going to happen in an Edgar Rice Burroughs story?) and Tarzan reverts to type in order to rescue her and stop the big bad guy.

Other than the poor CGI, there were a few problems, mostly they involved the liana that Tarzan swings on to reach the train. It goes on forever. Also before he reaches that vine, he and his buddies are running along a kind of tree highway, a nice flat road of thick branches with no leaves and no other branches to get in the way, jump over or duck under etc.

The ending felt a little rushed. As if they weren’t sure how to finish it. I might almost claim they had taken the idea of summoning nature from the movie Avatar if making use of animal stampedes weren’t a Tarzan staple.

Not a single ungawa through out the entire move!





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