They’ve had twenty years to prepare, and this was the best they could come up with!

Way way back in the distance annuls of time (1996)  I watched the original movie and wasn’t all that impressed. The effects were good, but it was filled to the brim with cliches. This long awaited sequel keeps up with the cliches, I counted at least three in the first ten minutes.

1) The Hero and his sidekick working a menial job, 2) going out of their and risking their lives to save the moon base single handed. & 3) The commander of the moon base chewing out for hero for having saved everyone’s lives.

The cliches would continue throughout the rest of the movie.

From the very start, the dialogue felt stilted and unreal. Even Jeff Goldblum who has been a fairly good actor in the past seemed to be reading his lines straight off of the page. Some of the dialogue does improve as the movie progresses, but it never really gets past the feeling of a B movie.

The effects were good. The alien fighter craft still remind me of Cylons.

Perhaps if the story consisted of a little more than it did, it wouldn’t have felt as if, what story was there, existed merely to bridge one set piece to the next and the characters themselves wouldn’t have felt so two dimensional.

Seriously it’s a B movie with big budget.

Judd Hirsch felt unconnected to the rest of the story. It was as if they couldn’t work out what to do with his character, so they had him drive across the U.S. with a bunch of kids that had no other purpose in the film.

And what was the Alien Queen doing at the end? The world is about the be destroyed, I’m going to win, so I’m going to chase that school bus because….. reasons.

The alien sphere tells of a large group of survivors from attacks by the aliens on other planets. These survivors have superior firepower, yet they can’t hold their own against the aliens, not like the plucky primitive Earthmen can!


Not a very impressive movie

Oh and one more thing. The Aliens are drilling into the centre of the Earth to get the molten core to power their ship. So, one presumes they had to destroy their own planet in order to launch their ships in the first place. Why not drain power from the sun which is both a much better source of power and infinitely more accessible? If they really must use the molten core of a planet, why target populated planets where the population might shoot back?

I half expected to find the aliens to be allergic to water.

By the way, the aliens invading Earth to get at the molten core of the the planet thing? It’s been done.






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