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Warning Spoilers

It’s nice that story in the movie seems to envelope the original. It was also good that What’s her face didn’t make an appearance in this one

It was slow starting. The white witch losing her child and trying to steal children from nearby villages to compensate for her loss.

Thor is one of these children, growing up to become the Huntsman in the previous movie and obviously in this one.

Silly moments with Goblins and Dwarfs and the One Mirror made it feel like a kids movie, but it got better.

Talking of the One Mirror, there were time it felt as if we were back in Lord Of The Rings territory or in some cases even Narnia.

The Mirror is possessed by the evil Queen from the first movie, she is summoned and thus we see how weak the white witch (her sister) really is.

Entertaining in it’s way, there were some scenes that the absence of which would have made them more entertaining.




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