The two titular heroes, Batman and Superman, are confronting each other, with the film's logo behind them, and the film's title, credits, release date and billing below.

Warning Spoilers

Let me start by saying that I’m glad the opening scene turned out to be a dream. I would have hated it if the first thing they did was try to claim that Batman could now fly.

It seems to be about an old fifty plus year old Batman and a young fresh newly introduced Superman, the events taking place shortly after Man of Steel. There were a few images of Batman walking through the Batcave past old suits and various Memorabilia that might easily have made better movie.

Not that the movie was bad.

Bruce Wayne/Batman is so obsessed with the destruction of Metropolis and the death of so many people during the big fight at the end of Man of Steel, that he plans to hold Superman responsible and kill him.

To do this he decides to steal a large lump of kryptonite from Lex Luther who at this stage in the movie isn’t yet known to be a bad guy. Indeed, Batman chases after a convey containing said item, calmly brushing the cars defending the item aside with no concern for those driving them as if he is some kind of super villain. Admittedly the convoy was defended by cars carrying heavy machine guns, but I guess they made for a more exciting chase.

Batman is only stopped because Superman turns up.

Batman gets the item later, weaponises it and attacks Superman. AS he is about to win, Superman asks him to save Martha (Apparently batman’s mother was also called Martha) and this tops Batman making the killing blow. When he asks why Superman used that name, Lois tells him that it’s the name of Supe’s mother. The thing is Lois was miles away when Superman uttered the name, unless she has suddenly attained super-hearing herself, she did not hear him!

After the battle, Batman gets out of his armoured suit and into a more normal bat suit. Since he’s in a hurry to save Martha Kent and we don’t see him change I can only assume it takes no time at all. I was reminded of the spray on bat suits from the Adam West era.

Lex Luthor, armed with fingerprints from the dead General Zod (nice that Krytonions have fingerprints) is able to take over control of one of the old Kryptonion ships. There are no other failsafes.

Told by the ships computer that the thing he wants to do is illegal according to the council of Krypton, he asks where the council are now? When told they are dead, Lex tells the computer to carry out his orders. Apparently that is enough logic for the ship to do as it’s told.

I wonder if the actor who played Zod in Man of Steel was surprised to get a call back? Hello, yes, yes, we’re making a sequel and we want you to be in it. What, yes, we know, we want you to play a corpse.

Finally the big climatic battle versus the grey Thing. Lois having thrown the kryptonite spear away decides to go and retrieve it. I guess she was Genre savvy enough to realise it would be needed by the end of the movie, I know I did. The thing is, she then goes at gets herself into trouble with no help from any bad guy. Trouble that only Superman can save her from, causing him to leave the battle against the whatsit beast to save her.

Was I entertained?


I liked the way that Wonder Woman was introduced slowly throughout the movie and not suddenly dumped on the viewers at a key point.





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