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"The Transporter Refueled" poster.jpg

An actor who isn’t Jason Statham but seems to have been instructed to be Jason Statham.

He does his best, but he’s not right for the part. There are certain moves that Statham has that this guy just couldn’t emulate as such the fight scenes weren’t that good.

The movie opens in exactly the same way that one of the previous movies did.

They’re in France. So where do the fire hydrants come from and why so many in such a short space? Actually there could be a good reason for that, just one I’m not aware of, I just thought it weird.

The actual story had potential, but it was a potential that didn’t feel realized.

In the end, I suppose it was mildly entertaining and because it lacked Statham, there was no gratuitous nudity. (actually I put that badly, not all Statham’s movies involve nudes)




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The Man from U.N.C.L.E. poster.jpg

Once upon a time the only place you could find a decent spy movie would be to watch James Bond. With the last few offerings from the Bond franchise being so awful as of late, it is easy to see why they are being so easily overtaken by many other movies.

I’ll admit, I was expecting something that would be little more than a joke. I was happily surprised by the result.

The car chase at the beginning was enjoyable. Showing us that the two agents were equally matched.

I don’t remember Napoleon being an ex jewel thief in the original, but then some poetic license has to be accepted when you make a new version. (Roger Moore was a much better ex jewel thief – The Saint)

I liked that they kept the era to the 1960’s

I thought the gap between the two parts of the Berlin wall was too small. I’m not an expert though, so maybe it was that narrow in certain places.

There was a montage scene I didn’t much like, yes, it sort of got it’s point across, but it felt like a cheat. It almost felt as if they were just jumping from the set up to the scene they wanted to show without telling us too much about the details in between. It works, but it felt weak.

The chase at the end felt a little chaotic.

I was also a little surprised that neither Robert Vaughn or David Maccallum had a cameo role in the movie.




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Shaun the Sheep MoviePoster.jpg

It’s an hour and a half long and at first seems very slow.

It really doesn’t take too long for the story to get going though and when it does it is seriously a lot of fun.

a few weeks ago (maybe a month) I watched the Minions movie. A group of characters that spoke minionese. They used a narrator to explain the story and if anything it detracted from the movie. In Shaun, the characters (even the humans) speak unintelligibly, there is no narrator and it works a hell of a lot better. If they need to tell the audience whats going on, they find a clever way of telling us with out having to explain it. Two doctor discussing that the farmer has Amnesia by writing Memory Loss on a document under his picture.

All in all, this is quite possibly the best new film I’ve seen this year.



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