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I’m going to keep this very short!






Okay maybe I should write a little more than that.

While the idea was fairly sound there wasn’t really much of a plot.

Admittedly it’s a children’s movie but you should always include things for adults to enjoy as really young children shouldn’t be visiting the cinema on their own

I’ll admit the music was good.

To sum up, stick to the original Despicable Me movies.

(I’m torn between 2 and 3 stars, but the movie did have a few moments)

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An interesting idea, and with all the time travel going on in these movies, why wouldn’t the story change, especially if Matt, I mean Skynet has seen what will otherwise happen.

Arnie is looking old.

The girl playing Sarah feels too young for the role although I understand she’s about the same age as Linda was back in 1984.

Why does the story not make any references to Salvation? I mean none of the actors are the same. The meeting of John and Kyle is rewritten. It’s almost as if the fourth movie never happened.

How does going to 2017 stop a war from starting in 1997? I know it’s explained in the movie, but it wasn’t really explained well.

Who gave Arnie to Sarah? This is a question I expected to be answered by the end of the movie and wasn’t.

With all these reprogrammed Arnies running around, why didn’t the resistance just capture and reprogramme whole armies of them?

Not a bad movie all the same


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