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The Age of Adaline film poster.png

Apparently this is classified as an Epic Fantasy Romance.

The overall story wasn’t too bad, but it was a little to predictable and a little too symetrical

Warning Spoilers:

She gains her special powers of longevity by surviving a car crash on a snowy night and having her body temperature descend to a very specific level. She loses them in exactly the same way.

As I said very predictable.

It was also very predictable to me that she was going to meet someone who recognized her from her past. In fact I was sat in the cinema thinking that that was pretty much what would have to happen next.

Overall not too bad a story, but not really one for the collection





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Beyond the Mask 2015.jpg

Apparently this is being considered as a Christian historical movie and I suppose there are a fair number of christian overtones.

Looks as if the movie was put together by the members of a single family rather than one of the big studio’s.

The movie felt a little slow in places, but the story was good. It felt a little like Zorro meets the count of Monte Cristo, the hero trying to redeem himself in the eyes of his girlfriend, leaves some things a little bit too long

Some of the dialogue felt a little stilted, it seemed to be there as an excuse for them to press on with the next bit of the story.

While I am more than willing to accept the idea that electricity was as common as depicted in the 1776, I struggle to see how the baddie could have prepared so many thick cables going through the water of the canal and leading to the cellar of every house in Philidelphia.

*ding dong*

‘Hello yes?’

‘Hi, I’m the bad guy. I just need to put these harmless looking barrels in your cellar!’

‘Oh right, go ahead.’

All in all, not too bad a movie

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