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Warning Spoilers

Ok, so it’s rated PG and maybe as a children’s movie it works.

Lets start with the very beginning and the two people chatting about how they were going to tell the story. Better still, lets delete that bit entirely.

When the boy is getting in the boat, why is the boat empty? There was a large queue of people waiting to go on the ride. Secondly since the boat is redirected as soon as the pin is spotted, what would have happened had the boat not been otherwise empty?

When the girl touches the pin, it takes her to an advert for Tomorrowland. In order to fully appreciate the actual place she has to move her own physical location to a piece of scrubland. What sort of advert is that?

Nice effects though.

Seriously it has to be a very dangerous way to advertise something. What if it led her to the middle of a road (it did lead her into water.)

At the end of the movie, how come all the people given the pins wake up in the same place since we’ve already established that the advert is keyed to an actually physical location.

Some awful dialogue and a very poor quality punch up towards the end.

I did like the house siege though. I’ll admit that bit was amusing in its way.

In the end, this movie was probably more entertaining for children or for adults with children



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Warning Spoilers

Well I’ll start be declaring that I didn’t think it was as good as the first movie. There was a little too much shakey cam in the earlier action scenes.

Ironman entering an unknown part of the enemy base without his supersuit!

What was that thing above his head? We saw lots of them in his vision and yet they served no further purpose in the movie. They looked a little like the things at the end of the first movie so maybe there is a connection there, but maybe we could have learnt more about them.

Marvel seem to be repeating themselves. The hulk vanishing in the water in pretty much the same way that Captain America did in his first movie. Even leaving a girlie behind to worry about him. I expect he’ll return 75 years from now. Also the action scenes at the end felt very familiar. I know it wasn’t the same, but are all Avengers movies going to end with a big battle?

It was entertaining though, very pretty and though the story could have been better, it wasn’t lacking too much




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