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A very entertaining movie. Perhaps a little silly, it had the feeling of a comic book about it. Nevertheless I liked the acting, the action and even the characterisation.

I feel there were a few scenes that could have been left out. The head exploding scene was a little longer than it needed to be.

When you’re a spy and someone tells you that you have to look after a dog, it’s fairly clear you’re going to be told to shoot that dog later on. Fortunately they turned it into a test where the gun was loaded with blanks.

All in all not a bad movie


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I’m gonna keep this short.

I enjoyed this movie. I think it was a better choice than say Jupiter Ascending which I saw last week.

Jeff Bridges seems to have hit a rut and is still playing the same role he did back in True Grit.

It was predictable, but nevertheless entertaining. You knew the hero couldn’t kill his girlfriends Mother even if she was an evil witch.

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The action effects looked good. The story wasn’t too bad but felt hurried. The dialogue was abysmal.

They should have got a better actor to play Jupiter’s father, at least he wasn’t around long.

The aliens all speak perfect English and can even read it with no apparent lessons. THey even have English names printed on the side of their spaceships. If there was a good reason for this it wasn’t explained in the movie

The mercenaries seemed to be more important than they ended up being.

Jupiter is kidnapped in turn by each of three siblings. As she leaves one to end up in the clutches of another, the one that did have her seems to show no further interest in her.

It felt as if they were ripping off (paying homage to)  a number of other movies, Terminator, Harry Potter, even the Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Not a remarkable movie by any means except perhaps in the  (WARNING SERIOUS SPOILER AHEAD) Sean Bean survives.



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