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Once again something I thought I’d posted last week seems to have vanished.

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I’m not sure whats going on, but I thought I did this last week.

I’m going to keep this short as a result

There were a few bits I felt would improve the movie by their absense. For example the Bard character getting in a cart and travelling about a mile to reach and save his family from an ogre along a broken street. It didn’t work for me, it took far too long, that family would have been dead.

There were several other points I remember making last time, but I seem to have forgotten many of the smaller details

In the end it was an excellent movie and like the other two in the series I will definitely watch them again sometime.


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Warning spoilers

So what did I think?

It was an entertaining little movie that shows how a biblical story should be handled. There was no sense that this movie had been made by a fan of lord of the rings. No water sprouts that were really arch angels, The Egyptians aren’t labeled as evil because they eat meat. And Moses actually seems to be a good guy. (All the things that made Noah a joke was missing from this movie)

I kept on expecting Christian Bale to put on a bat suit,

The gaps left in the story by the bible have been filled in and filled in in a way that actually makes sense.

I’m not sure I liked the way the pharoah survives. It has the feel of the evil boss guy getting a second chance while all his mooks are slaughtered wholesale.

I also wasn’t keen on the ending. I know the main story is told, but maybe they should have stopped sooner, or spent a little bit more time in explaining the ending. Moses climbs the mountain to carve out the commandments (at gods bequest) then we see him and the people traveling in the desert. No explanation as to what happened when he got back and found his people worship pagan gods etc.

Anyway excellent movie



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And yes, I need to get this back to a weekly schedule.

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