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So you have a movie franchise that is bringing in lots of money but you’ve reached the very last part? What do you do? lets split the story down the middle and get as much as we possibly can for it. This is happening more and more each day. I have little doubt this will continue so long as the makers can continue to get away with it.

So, what did I think of it? Well, the acting was all right. The effects were reasonable and the story lacking, though maybe only because it was the first half of the book and was left unfinished.

Any problems?

Oh yes. District 13 is a vast underground complex with thousands of occupants and above them is a wasteland. How do these people eat. They don’t hunt, that much is actually pointed out in the movie. So how do they eat? They could have vast hydropo9nics centres, but then where would they get the parts? I’m sure the capital wouldn’t be supplying them.





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A ringed spacecraft revolves around a reflective sphere.

Warning Spoilers

The movie is very slow to get going, and there is an irritating ‘documentary feel’ a couple of times that I would have been deducting a star for had it continued on into the film.

Once it gets going though it’s not too bad. Perhaps Mr Caine quotes Shakespeare a little too often.

It was predictable in places, though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The guy they go to rescue on the ice planet turns out to have gone mad (yep we saw it coming) and the ghost that shows it’s presence at the beginning of the movie is explained towards the end (again this was easy to predict, even what the ghost was. As I say it’s not a bad thing as it is integral to the story.)

I’m a little irritated in movies when the hero decides to make a self sacrifice (apparently for no other reason than to be heroic) Yes, he was trying to remove weight so the other character would reach the target planet, but there was a lot of other stuff that could have been dumped before you start throwing live bodies out the window. In a way I’m glad his attempt to sacrifice himself didn’t exactly work out as planned.

All in all not a bad movie, but not the stuff of legends and perhaps a little too long as it comes in at just under 3 hours


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