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I won’t be able to add any more groups/singers/etc for the next couple of weeks as I expect to be away from my computer and my music.

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The Book of Life (2014 film) poster.jpg

Warning Spoilers (maybe)

It’s slow moving at the beginning, but once it gets going it’s entertaining the whole way. Perhaps there was a little bit too much music, but as one of the main characters is a musician it’s hard to consider that a fault.

The five children taken to the museum at the beginning are all familiar. I’m sure we’ve seen some of them if not all of them in other cartoon movies. The Maria character has far too much hair it makes her look as if she’s going to be pulled over by it.

All in all though I don’t think I need to spend too long on this, it was a delightful little movie that I might one day consider adding to my collection



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A man walking away from a large amount of bats.

Warning Spoilers

I’d like to start by saying that every story is untold until you tell it, at which point it ceases to be untold!

It’s a simple enough plot, Dracula refuses to bow down to the Turkish Sultan and single-handedly declares war on him. Yes it’s historically accurate in some ways, the enemy being the Ottoman empire, but I would have preferred a movie about the real events rather than another vampire flick.

There are a few set pieces, battle scenes where due to shakey cam you can’t really see whats going on. There’s one battle where everything is shown through the reflection of a sword. It was not only irritating, it was boring.

The people he’s trying to save try to kill him when they discover what he is. Then having shown how daylight affects him, he steps out in the daylight to chastise them. Suddenly all is forgiven. The fact that he’s this vicious monster is forgotten

Apparently the solution to fighting a creature you don’t understand and who has the strength of a hundred men, is to blindfold your entire army so they can’t see him.

Evil Sultan Mehmet steals Dracula’s son. Dracula raises an army of vampires and goes after the sultan.

How did the Sultan know what Dracula was? Dracula himself didn’t know until he had spoken to a priest. Yet the Sultan seems more than ready for the traditional clash of hero and villain (villain and villain, whatever)

Where did that Priest come from? I know he was shown earlier in the movie, but how did he get to the Turkish camp in order to save Dracula’s son? The vampires all flew there as clouds of bats. What was more one of the other vampires said the only one left was Dracula’s son!

Finally the movie would have been a better had they not included the very last scene. The one set in the modern era.

It was entertaining, but it could have been so much better. Not one for the collection



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