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A few small changes and suddenly the chapter is half as big again

just over 1500 words. I think it look better.

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It’s a very short chapter, but very important. 900+ words, and that’s all.

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Mike Harding Added


People might notice there was no second group last week. I had a few options I’ll admit and rejected them. Charlie Drake was a possibility, but I’ve never been too keen on ‘My boomerang won’t come back.’ Likewise Cliff Richard and the Young Ones Singing Living Doll was an option, but I don’t have it, It was a good novelty song to hear once or twice, but I wouldn’t give it shelf space, so it too got rejected.

So no second group this month for the third week. Also There may be no second group on future third weeks as I’m thinking of feeding the smaller bands in amongst the rest. I’ll see how I feel next month.

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Back to Chapter Six.

Chapter seven as was will no longer exist nor will chapter eight as was going to be.

Basically by changing the laws of physics slightly I can delete two chapters that felt a little superfluous anyway and get on with the actual story.




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Chapter seven complete  at just under 2k words.

I’ll probably check through ti tomorrow as I’m not 100% happy with it.


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I said I had a problem with chapter 6. I’ve shortened it.

Its’ now just short of 2k words.

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Neil added to music

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Just short of 2500 words

to be honest I’m not sure about it. Ive read it through and can find nothing wrong and yet it feels awkward. I’ll probably press on with the next chapter and see if that makes it feel less awkward. If not I can see some major revision coming.

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Warning Spoilers

So, the movie begins at the end of the story showing the aftermath of the events that are to be told throughout the film. If done well, this can be a good device, so was it done well? In a word No.

Now a brief interlude while I tell a joke.

A. A fish!

Was it funny? No, because it’s the punchline. The punchline should never come before the joke.

So lets press on to the movie itself. Depp plays a scientist who seems so excited about an A.I getting so advanced that humanity would be mere insects in comparison. He pretty much paints a nightmare picture all the while reveling in how good he thinks it would be. I’ll admit my first reaction was – can’t the guy see where his idea would lead. Then it occurred to me that there are so many scientists in the world that simply wouldn’t care. They would take the world apart atom by atom if they could and to hell with the consequences. Not sure I’m right? One of the arguments against G.M.O labeling made by scientists in the field is that such labeling would ruin the experiment. It’s as if that all they see us as. So yes I accept Mr Depp portrayal of a scientist as being somewhat true to life.

Depp’s wife, doesn’t seem to see whats going on at first even when the computer Depp begins to create an army of slaves. She does eventually get it.

The internet is wiped, all power is blacked out in order to destroy the Depp computer. Yet three years later and the world is still without power and internet. It wouldn’t take that long to recover. The internet might be destroyed, but the knowledge of how the internet worked wouldn’t be lost and it could be rebuilt if from scratch. Power companies might needs to replace parts, but they would be back in business within a week at most. Not every computer in the world is connected to the internet and thus not every computer would be destroyed by the virus. Oh and by the way, most businesses have backups, as soon as the power was back (about a week) they would be back in business as if nothing had happened.

Overall it was a slow and plodding story and filled with plot holes?

Do I have anything good to say about it? Well if you can ignore the slow pace and the plot holes it isn’t too bad a story. Therefore I’ll give it a grudging 3 stars (I almost left it at two.)

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Chapter five is complete

it’s just over 2600 words

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