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Chapter 2 has come in at just over 2300 words.

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I’ve made a start on chapter 2 of my next book

I’m only about 1100 words in, it’s at an exciting bit 🙂

I’m trying not to get too wordy as regards descriptions.

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Warning Spoilers

Noah brought to you by PETA

Seriously, anyone who is of a religious nature and knows the story from the bible will probably think this version is a joke in poor taste. Anyone of a non-religious nature might be put off by the religious overtones. This begs the question who is this movie for?

Noah and his family are vegans, whereas the evil rest of humanity all eat meat. In this movie that seems to be what god is angry about. It doesn’t matter that they seem to be slaughtering each other wholesale, even Noah himself is not above killing others. Nope it’s all about saving the animals.

Noah even decides that all of mankind has to be wiped out because the animals would do better without them. This goes so far as to have him running about the boat like a mad man trying to slaughter his own grandchildren, as if there hadn’t already been enough death what with the flood and all.

Earlier in the movie Noah – the supposed good guy – leaves a woman to die when he could have saved her all because of his twisted ideology. Indeed if there’s one man in this movie that needs to be cleansed by the flood, its Noah!

Noah and his family have this magical snake skin that has passed down along the male line from the garden of Eden. You know, from Satan.

Then there are the rock ents. I mean seriously I haven’t read the bible all the way through, but I’m pretty sure there are no scenes from the Lord of the Rings in it.

The rock ents are supposed to be fallen angels and any one who didn’t predict them being forgiven by the creator for aiding Noah as soon as they joined his side really needs to get out more often

And I’m being generous.



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I’ve started another new book today.

It’s probably going to be a short story

I was planning on starting another attempt at a sequel to London Wild, but my financial advisor suggested I should have a go at a few shorter stories first, so I’m hoping to write maybe as many as six short book before the end of the year (counting the current one as number 2)

We’ll see how it goes.

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The Troggs added

and since it’s the third week of March. The Toys also added.

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Lead characters Tris and Four stand above a futuristic Chicago.

Warning spoilers

So, you have a world divided into five factions in order to keep the peace, because, you know, dividing people into groups has always worked so well in the past.

One of these factions, the dauntless are supposed to be the world police/army, but seem to act pretty much like a bunch of thugs. Even the leaders of this faction are barely adults. In fact they don’t seem to have any real adults at all.

The heroine joins this faction and almost immediately you can tell there’s going to be romance between her and one of the faction leaders, yep it’s that kind of movie, at least they don’t sparkle in the daylight.

Actually it was well done, the traditional triangle that these sort of stories have seemed to be missing. Nevertheless it was very formulaic.

One of the leaders takes an instant dislike to the heroine, then he changes the rules, so you know something is going on.

It also felt as if it took a long time to get going.

On the positive side it was entertaining in it’s way. The ending felt a bit abrupt, but apparently there are two more in the works, so I’m sure it’ll all work out in the end.


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Focus Added

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Warning Spoilers

For the third time in as many weeks, I’ve found the movie of the day to be entertaining. Admittedly it was predictable, I named the culprit before I even knew he was on the plane.

They also made use of shakey-cam, but really only in one scene, so I’m going to let that go.

Liam does seem to be getting type cast. Once again he plays a moody estranged father (or in this case a mourning father) and have you noticed how in every movie he has a daughter?

There were also a couple of silly bits. The cop complaining that he had been given an empty gun, despite the fact that had the gun been loaded he would have been dead!

Overall I liked the movie, I found it very entertaining and am certain that at sometime in the future it will become part of my collection

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