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Another chapter just short of 2k words

The chapter does seem to go off on a bit of a tangent at times, but that’s fine.

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The story really begins. The plot unfolds.

It’s about 2k words again. It’s about where I want these chapters

Next chapter – the cops are called in


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I don’t know how long I’m going to be writing this.

I’m attempting light comedy or parody and since I don’t consider myself as being all that funny I might drop the idea before I get too far into the story.

So far though the prologue (or first chapter maybe) is just under 2k words and will probably stay that way.

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Sandrose Added

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I Frankenstein Poster.jpg

Warning Spoilers

So what did I think? Well, it was a fun little action romp, but hardly the sort of stuff that classics are made of. It felt a little like one of those Underworld movies except that the two factions are well defined into good and evil. They even had a few of the same actors.

Problems, well there were a few but nothing really insurmountable.

If the queen of the grotesques, sorry gargoyles doesn’t want anyone to enter the vault why does Mr second in command have keys? In fact the vault really didn’t look to be all that secure, I got the feeling that anyone with the right sort of blade could just walk in the vault.

Why does Mrs queen woman trust her second in command after he makes a deal with the demons, albeit to rescue Mrs queen, but for which he surrenders the Mcguffin.

When Frankenstein returns to the derelict house he has armed himself with a fire axe, since he’s worried about being ambushed by demons. However, he has forgotten to place the sacred mark that is required for demon slaying on the blade.

The CGI looked good most of the time, but it did look as if they had skimped a little here and there, especially towards the end of the movie.

Why does the scientist woman attempt to reanimate her deaded buddy scientist when a) she knows what the demons intend to do and b) she knows if she succeeds he newly reanimated buddy scientist would become just another vessel for the demons?

This is a standard good versus evil romp, it’s quite formulaic and the ending was very predictable.

I see Frankenstein got his shirt off. I’ll admit from the placement of the scars on Mr F’s body I had trouble reconciling how a mad scientist would have put him together in the first place. I mean there were scars along the length of his arms and not say at the joint where the arms meet the shoulders. (I guess it doesn’t really matter)


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Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit poster.jpg

Warning Spoilers

As an action movie it seems to have a fairly good plot.

There were a few problems. The idea that man can be so badly injured that he’s lucky he can walk can beat up a healthy Russian terrorist, for example or even earlier in the movie when he kills the guy sent to collect him from the airport. Indeed the hero seemed to have made more than a full recovery.

There were times when the dialogue felt a little stilted, fortunately it wasn’t too bad

The worst of it – the shakey cam. Fortunately there weren’t all that many action scenes for them to ruin with shakey cam, but there were enough for me to feel cheated.

Oh and I love the tagline – Trust No One – when it really isn’t that sort of movie, the hero has an entire organization helping him all of whom seem quite trustworthy.

This is the first movie I’ve seen this year, and so I guess you could say it’s the best so far.


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