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Warning Spoilers

Not as good as the first movie, but still quite entertaining in it’s way.

The age of the combatants over all seemed a bit on the young side for 75 years of games history.

Again it felt as if the bad guy is trying to get people to revolt, even more so this time. Sending the winners of previous tournaments into the arena once again to fight it out. Sending troops into the districts to assault and execute members of the populous.

I wasn’t surprised that the president’s new minister for games seems to be in on the rebellion, what did surprise me is that the president himself couldn’t see through it.

So, the plan was to rescue the heroine from the arena after she had blown a hole in the dome? So why wasn’t she told that that was what she was supposed to do?

I’ll admit I wasn’t surprised, I knew when I saw the wire that it was going to get them out of the arena somehow it just seemed a little strange that they wouldn’t explain that to the heroine.

Also, when your in an arena where all sorts of things are designed to hurt, even kill you and you see a strange fog approaching, don’t try to touch it. I guess we can let this one go in that she probably wasn’t genre savvy.

Having found out in movie 1 that the winners of each year’s games are usually from region 1, because they train so hard. It surprised me they were able to find enough people from the other regions to compete.

Entertaining – not as good as the last movie – still looking forward to the finale.




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Warning Spoilers

Generally speaking it was a good entertaining movie. There were a few points of contention, though.

When Asgard is attacked by all those small craft and several of them get shot down. How could Malakith be certain he was on board the right craft.

Why did the Asgardians attack the landed craft with just sword and shield? Don’t they have any guns? They brought in some guns later but they should all have had guns.

All in all though the problems with this movie are small.

It was well acted and the story was actually half decent. Marvel have come a long way from the seventies and eighties when their movies tended to be really awful.

One final word. Thor comes to earth after an absence of maybe a thousand years.

Suddenly earth is under almost constant threat from the foes of Asgard.




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Warning Spoilers

It was very pretty and entertaining, but fairly predictable.

The trope of the young child who turns out to be the only hope of mankind has been done to death. What would they have done if Ender wasn’t there.

The fact the the evil alien’s don’t actually seem to be preparing to invade was fairly obvious quite early on.

I remember thinking early in the movie, the aliens arrived and were driven back, why would they have another go? Even if they had spent the last fifty years building up their forces they would surely be aware that mankind would be better equipped to deal with a second incursion. Not that it’s totally unlikely, but it would be reasonable to believe there would be easier pickings elsewhere.

When we find out the aliens are like ants, another assault seems even more unlikely as instead of an all out war, it was probably just one hive that attacked earth. Then again, they are aliens, so nothing is certain.

The story itself wasn’t too bad. Getting through to the point though seemed to be fairly standard fare, the hero thinking his way through problem after problem in a way that has been so any times in other movies. Perhaps it was fresh when the book was written.

Why tell the kids that the final battle is a simulation and then reveal after that they were actually doing it for real? Telling them it was a simulation in the first place was probably a good move (from the military pov) and the hero was then willing to do things he would never dream of doing in real life. So then why shatter the illusion?

The movie felt both unfinished and yet complete. Like there should have been more and yet the story has been told. Perhaps anti-climax fits, yet I can’t truly claim it felt anti-climatic.

Perhaps the book would do a better job of telling the story properly. regretfully I have never read it.




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