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Not much else happen this week. I’m not had a lot of time to work on any book.


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Third week of the month, The Timelords also added.


On other matters

I did have a go earlier this week at writing the first chapter of that other novel I mentioned in an earlier post, but I wasn’t able to get very far and didn’t feel it was worth reporting at the time. In a more positive light, the third book of the Wings of Floroth trilogy should be published before next weekend.

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Warning Spoilers.

So first off was the 3D any good?
I think so, yep, it looked very well done. They made good use of the 3D

It was a very pretty looking picture and very well done. As someone else has said it was hard to believe they didn’t actually go into space to film this.

George Clooney was playing a character called Kowalski, hmm. Why not just call him Smith? I mean seriously whenever movie people want to use an exotic sounding foreign name they almost always plump for Kowalski. There’s even a penguin called Kowalski

My own personal feeling, but I felt George in his astronaut gear reminded me a lot of Buzz Lightyear. I kept expecting him to shout out, ‘To infinity and beyond.’

Story wise it was rather bland, A leads to B leads to C and so on, with certain problems having to be dealt with at each stage. Although bland, the story wasn’t dull.

Problems, oh yes there were a lot of problems.

No I’m no scientist, but I’m pretty sure it would take a lot longer than ninety minutes for debris to pass right around the earth and come back. I mean how fast must it have been going? A supersonic jet such as Concorde still took something like five hours to fly from London to New York. Perhaps the debris was moving a lot faster and perhaps setting, say, a six hour window between returns would have made the movie a lot duller.

Strange how the window between debris attacks is exactly ninety minutes. I’m not saying that’s impossible, only that it seems to be an extremely well rounded number.

How did Buzz know that it would be exactly ninety minutes between attacks?

Why did the debris miss the space station on it’s first pass and yet target it the next time around? It was almost as if it was targeting the heroine.

When travelling to the space station from the shuttle, the heroine notices they were a little off course. George refuses to correct the direction because he is low on thruster fuel despite the fact that a minor correction made earlier would use a lot less fuel.

When they reached the station, why did he thrust so hard that the two of them ended up almost shooting passed the station?

Why did Buzz throw his life away. This is space, although he was shooting on past the station, as soon as she grab him that should have virtually arrested his speed. Then it would have been a simple matter for him to pull himself in, just one or two tugs on the rope and he would have been headed the right way. It being space he would have continued on in the same direction. And lets face it, Sandra needed his experience more than she needed his worthless sacrifice. Besides sacrificing yourself in some really silly way is a trope I hate.

What started the fire? I mean I know she touched something, but how did her touch start the blaze.

Who didn’t guess what she would end up using Chekov’s fire extinguisher for?

When the Soyuz ran out of fuel, why did it come to a dead stop? They’re in space, although there is friction, there should have been enough forward momentum to take her to her goal. I actually thought this was where she was going to break out the fire extinguisher, but she saved that for a little later.

By the look of it debris hadn’t hit the Chinese satellite, tiengong (Sky/Heavenly Palace for those who need a translation) So why was it losing altitude?

How did the Chinese Soyuz containing the heroine reach earth before the rest of the satellite’s debris despite it’s descent being slowed by a parachute?

One final comment, the ending felt unfinished. Yes, that was it, she had survived. But they spent so long on showing her from different angles as she climbed out of the lake (lucky she landed in a lake and not an ocean) that I was expecting a sudden twist at the end. A group of apes riding horse in the distance or something.

For all it’s problems though, it was an entertaining movie, and though I don’t think it’s worth the 93% that rotten tomatoes is giving it I still think it’s worth about 3 stars.

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I’m still working on the book . I haven’t had a lot a lot of time recently and have been thinking of restarting from the very beginning again in order to instill a bit more character into the characters.

I’m also planning to make a start on another book, though I’ll only be writing one chapter of that occasionally.

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