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The movies seems to be a biopic about a martial arts master called IP Man

It’s a little slow going in places, and there are patches where it gets a little dull,  but it’s quite interesting beyond that.

Beside anything else, I love to hear mandarin spoken in a movie. The martial arts while not amazing, were good, This wasn’t a one man against the world, trying to right some injustice, this was the story of someone’s life, and unlike Hollywood’s idea of ‘Based on a true story,’ where maybe one there was someone of the Hero’s name who maybe had a job similar to Hero, and that’s about it. You actually go the feeling the movie was at least paralleling the life of the man.

I’m not sure I’d want to see it again, but I’m glad I went to see it the first time.


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2300 words

still working on it.

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3300 words

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I think this chapter is near the end, it’s a mere 2400 words

I’ll need to go through it again.

To be fair, I’m not sure I like it.

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I needed to go back and change something


4150 words


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Use strategy to position the rockets the best way, killing maximum number of birds.
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The Mortal Instruments - City of Bones Poster.jpg

Warning Spoilers

So this is pretty much a teenage angst film in a relatively entertaining demon fighting background

A young girl suddenly discovers that she is really nephilim. Cue her meeting with a group of demon hunting nephilim and an extremely predictable story.

Seriously I don’t think there was a single ‘twist’ that I didn’t see coming.

The guy in charge of the nephilim is really working hand in hand with the bad guy. And who builds a sanctuary from demons and then builds a demon summoning room in the middle.

The way that this turncoat baddie dies was very cliché. Deciding to help the good guys and… well I’m sure you’ve seen it a thousand times, I know I have.

The hiding place of the cup! As soon as they said what it was I knew exactly where it was.

The boyfriend who has loved the heroine all his life suddenly no longer needing his glasses (I thought this sort if cliché went out with the nineties) Still it gives the heroine two boys to fight over her.

I remember wifie saying. One of them will have to die heroically so the other can have her.

My reply?

No, we’ll find out that she and the blonde guy are really brother and sister. I also suggested that the big bad would turn out to be their father. Admittedly I was thinking of Star Wars at the time. Fortunately although it’s suggested that they are brother and sister and children of Darth Evilpants, it might all turn out to be a red herring in the sequel

‘Lie to them, break their hearts’

There were other predictable things, but all in all it was a nice diversion. It could have been a lot better without the angst, but then what is a teenage angst film without the angst.



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