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just short of 4k words.

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3400 words so far

first draft actually written. Now that I’ve entered the fantasy aspect of the book I’m finding it easier to write.

I’m having fun as well, I don’t know how much of the chapter will survive though.

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just short of 4400 words.


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So first question was the 3D any good? Well, either I’m getting used to 3D, or the movie makers are finally getting the point that when someone pays to see a movie in 3D, it should be in 3D

Was the movie any good?

It was okay, mediocre at best, but watchable and entertaining in places. It’s not something I’m going to be hurrying back to the cinema to watch again anytime soon.

Problems, well there were a few plot holes such as the hero losing his healing power and continuing to use his claws without penalty (he wasn’t even bleeding.)

It was also very predictable. Very early on we knew who the big baddy was going to be and when we saw that huge suit of armour, we knew who was in there.

I also have a problem with unbreakable adamantium being broken by a sword, even if the sword was also adamantium. Okay, yes it was burning, but there’s no way it could transfer enough heat in one quick¬†cut to make that kind of difference.

Then again I guess we are working in the realm of pure fantasy, so maybe the law of anything goes should apply.

Why are we concentrating so much on one of the Xmen and not the others. I know he’s a popular character, but he’s not the be all and end all of he group.

The final clip does suggest that a seventh X-men movie isn’t all that far away. Maybe all the gang will be in that one.

It also seems as if Magneto has gotten his powers back, I know they foreshadowed this in a previous movie, but it really does look as if the serum in Xmen 3¬†really wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Likewise the death of Prof XXavier in number 3 seems to have been undone. Again it was foreshadowed so it’s not really a complaint.


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The Kinks added to Music

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Blast out the green balls and avoid the obstacles in this cool puzzle game.
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4500 words

The first draft is finally ready.

I’ll be checking through the chapter tomorrow.

Then exciting thing happen in chapter 13. woo


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still working n it, 2400 words so far.

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