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Chapter 48

13 pages 3682 words

Chapter 49

15 pages 4151 words

Chapter 50

11 pages 2788 words.

Chapter 51

17 pages 4470 words


8 page 2347 words

that ends the current draft of the trilogy, now I need someone to check it through for me.

In the mean time I’m going to have to find something to chat about on this blog as I’m

not planning to start the next book for a little while at least.


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Warning Spoilers

So, it’s a grubby dystopian world set thirty years (2044) in the future where people are sent back in time from thirty years further in the future (2074) to be disposed of in 2044 by special hit men

It’s a worlf in which car companies no longer build new vehicles and every car is solar powered.

The hero Joe is given the job of disposing of his future self and fluffs it.

Bruce Willis (future Joe) then goe on a Terminator style rampage trying to find a ten year old boy who will grow up to control the syndicate that in time will send him back to be killed bu himself.

Problems, yes there are a few.

For a start, people are sent back in time because it’s impossible to get away with murder in the future. Yet when they come to nab Willis, they kill his wife.

Secondly it was very predictable, especially the end. I knew about half way through what the hero Joe was going to end up doing to stop his future self.

Nevertheless, it was an excellent movie well put together and well thought out.

I especially liked the one-mindedness of the hero in regards to killing his future self. After all, that was his job and the future ramifications that the task might have in regards to him seemed unimportant.

All in all it was an enjoyable movie


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Chapter 45

14 pages (just) 3478 words

Chapter 46

13 pages 3479 words

Chapter 47

12 pages 3470 words


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Chapter 41

14 pages 3906 words

Chapter 42

15 pages 3759 words

Chapter 43

13 pages 3283 words

Chapter 44

12 pages 3173 words

 At the current pace, I expect to finish this check through by the end of the weekend

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You have 6 days to save the world!
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No work on the book today

I have to take a cat to the vet

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Chapter 36

9 pages 2394 words

A very short chapter made even shorter when I deleted most of the first page.

Chapter 37

14 pages 4179 words

Chapter 38

12 pages 3551 words

Chapter 39

12 pages 3234 words

chapter 40

13 pages (barely) 3277 words

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Chapter 32

15 pages 4161 words

Chapter 33

9 pages 2370 words

Chapter 34

16 pages 4297 words

Chapter 35

11 page 2964 words

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