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Madness added to music favourites

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The book is on hold until Monday

My is spending the weekend visiting her family while I stay to look after the kitties

As I’m alone I like to keep myself available for those kitties

Saying that, I am going to try and get chapter nine done sometime this weekend,

it finishes the opening storyline,

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Chapter 6

12 pages 3342 words

Chapter 7

12 pages 3155 words

Chapter 8

11 pages 2999 words


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Survive the horde of evil toys during the night before Christmas by using your fists and various gifts.
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12 pages 3373 words

I read to chapter nine the other day (checking what lay ahead)

and I was certain it wouldn’t take me very long, most of it looked

ok with just one or two alterations required.

Strange then that I spent the whole day fixing this one chapter.


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Chapter 3

13 pages, 3447 words 

Chapter 4

15 pages 4108 words

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14 pages 3912 words

Just one Chapter again today. Though this owes as much to the fact that I got up late

than had a lot of changes to make. Had I been up at my normal hour I might have managed a second chapter. There were still a lot of changes to make though.

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A hostile army has taken over the city. Reclaim the city back with your home guard.
The sequel to this game can be found here

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13 pages, 3751 words

I reread the first three chapters of this book about a week ago and

I hated it. It clearly needed a lot of work. I’ve now spent the whole of

today just trying to get the chapter to a more reasonable configuartion

I think the first chapter was the worst of the three. I guess I’ll see what

progress I make tomorrow.


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Carol of Harvest added to music favourites

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