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New group, the Beatles added to the music favourite page.


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Possible Spoilers:

So, what can I say?

There seemed to be a fair number of plotholes at the beginning of the movie, but as far as I could see they all got filled in as the movie progressed. For example, the reason why the estate agent doesn’t reveal the houses past to the new tenant seems at first like a gaping plothole, but there is an extremly good reason for it.

I also have no complaints about the acting. Everyone, even the little girls seem to do an excellant job.

As for the story itself. It seems as if the writer seriously thought about the story he was trying to tell and did so perfectly. There were plenty of small clues as to what was really going on.

If I have any reservations at all about the movie it was that working out who the real killer was was far too easy. Seriously, the first time the real killer got any screen time, it was fairly obvious they did it.

Well, okay and there was one gaping plothole that didn’t get filled in. The guy who arranged the murder in the first place was really trying to arrange for the death of his wife, so he could claim the insurance. So, why did he wait 5 years before trying a second time?

So, my rating? Well, up until now I’ve never given a movie more than a 3 out of 5. Up until now nothing has really deserved it.

Dream House gets a 5, definitely one for the collection.

 ETA. After writing the above, I had a quick look around the web to see what other people were saying in their reviews. I was surprised to find that very few people liked it. I saw comments such as ‘This movie sucks as a Horror.’ Now to be honest I totally agree. But then, as a comedy the star wars trilogy sucked. Dream House is not a Horror Movie. Perhaps these reviewers are a little confused because it does look like a traditional horror setting, but it most definitely does not fit in the Horror genre.

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Gain money by infecting people and turning them into zombies.
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Find your way out of the cave by upgrading your gun and abilities.
This seems to be a platform shoot ’em up. Run around, collect the treasure and the upgrades, jump the platforms. – Shar

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Twelve chapters this month, yay. Now thats the sort of output I like to aim for,

Chapter sixty-eight also marks about the halfway mark of the book. If I do split the book into a trilogy which after 68 chapters (and only being halfway through) seems likely, then I’m about halfway through the second book.

13 pages. 3596 words.

It’s still quite a short chapter. I’m not going to describe what happens this time, read the book 🙂

Tomorrow is Friday, so I’m not planning to be working on the book tomorrow, Nor will I be working on it Satuday or Sunday. I have a bit of personal buisness to conduct on Saturday and considering I’ll be in the car for about eight hours, four there, four back, I don’t thnk I’ll be up to working on the book again until Monday.

There’s still a chance of getting twelve chapters written next month as well, but I’m doubtful. I can foresee other things during the month, especially towards the end of the month that will mean ten or eleven is a more realistic target. So long as I write more than four I’ll be happy!

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That’s Chapter 68 to anyone who hasn’t been keeping up

So far it’s only 9 pages long, a mere 2356 words. However, it feels very weak. I’m sure there are going to be some extensive revisions tomorrow.

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Take out the monsters using various objects around the level.
Woo, another extra game. I wonder what it’s like! – Shar.
After trying it, it seems to be a basic puzzle game. – shar

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Become the hero of the land by nurturing and handling your vulpine.
Seems an easy game, you beat thing up, explore new areas and if your game goes anything like mine did, you’ll end up against a creature that can’t seriously hurt you, but you can’t hurt it either (stalemate) – Shar
Eta: I managed to complete this on my second attempt. A nice easy time waster. – Shar

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It was about two years ago when I first discovered the hCG diet. At the time I was heavily over weight, 330 lbs. Now you tell your doctor that and see for yourself what colour he turns.

So far, by following the diet, I have lost over a hundred pounds. I weighed myself this morning and I was below 225, still too heavy for my liking, but I’m sure you’d agree that 225 is a lot better the 330.

So what does it do? Well, it put a tight rein on your hunger so you don’t need to eat so much. It also does a number of other small things that ensure you lose the weight from the right places, but I’m not going into that for now. Suffice to say, so long as the system is followed properly, it works.

Then along comes the FDA. Now, this drug is Homepathic. (yes I know, I’ll admit I was surprised when I first saw the results, I never expect homeopahic anything to work, but it does.) Now, homeopathy scares the FDA and their lords and masters of the big drug companies. After all, if you can be cured by something that is essentially little more than water containing an energy signal that your body will accept instead of the big expensive drugs that pharmacetrical manufacturers produce, why wouldn’t they be worried?

HCG was a small diet, only a few people knew about it. Then it got popular. Suddenly the FDA were alarmed. A popular diet that works and one that isn’t in the hands of one of the normal drug companies.

The FDA put out the word. Homeopathic HCG is a scam. Thats all they did, they didn’t make it illegal to sell the stuff. They just made a spurious claim as the the authenticity of HCG’s ability to actually work.

Seriously, the FDA doesn’t care if theres a drug on the market that doesn’t work. If it doesn’t work it’s no threat to their empire. How many class action lawsuits have you seen on the telly for the unreported side effects of certain drugs? I don’t watch much TV anymore, but when I did I used to see them daily. By declaring that HCG was a scam they were basically admitting that they knew it worked and that it was eating into their profits.

The Knock on effect:

 Google will no longer accept adverts from companies selling HCG. They just cut you off suddenly and keep any money you still have in your account. They claim they send a wraning before hand but no such warning is forthcoming.

Paypal will no longer allow people to sell HCG through their organisation. Again they’ll claim they sent out a warning first, but they don’t.

Both these companies have certain guideline on what you can and cannot do. In neither case do they specifically state that HCG is banned.

Certain merchant finance companies, (the people checks and credit cards are paid through) won’t do business with people trading in HCG

Once again it is not illegal to sell HCG. The FDA hasn’t banned the substance itself, they simply made spurious claims about it. If they had banned it it would no longer be available anywhere, except maybe from some back street doctor.

The FDA cannot ban it because it works. If they tried to ban it, the case could well end up in court and theres a good chance they’d lose, so all they can do is make their claims and try to attack the infrastructure that supports the product.

It’s actually interesting to see how a government agency only has to nudge something to knock it out of the market. It’s also quite scary that an unelected body gets to decide what you can and cannot put in your body. Seriously there is so much trash out there in the market. So much rubbish sitting on the supermarket shelves and they’re worried about something benign, like HCG. What is this country coming to?

 Oh one final note. I was in Walmart the other day and I saw HCG on sale on their shelves. Make of that what you will.  




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Get out of the madness lab alive.
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