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So, today I have headache. Exactly as I predicted I would some time last week. Can I call them or what ūüôā

It’s only mild so far, I expect it’ll get worse as the day wears on, reaching a crescendo either tomorrow or Friday. Then Saturday I’ll be able to work on my book again

A quick check of the movies available for viewing Friday reveal nothing that I want to watch, so If the headache does last that long, I’m not gonig to be losing out on anything.

I’ve also noticed a distinct lack of games for the last few days. .

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Another cartoon yay!

Been a funny day, I must admit to feeling a little depressed at the moment thanks to my phone.

I have one of those Android phones by Cricket. Nothing wrong with the phone, I like it, I’m looking forward to upgrading to the Glory when that comes out. Since Friday though I noticed that I’ve had no net on my phone. So today, Kitten and I take the phone to the local cricket store to get it fixed.


To cut a long story short, the woman at the store¬†reset my phone to factory settings, telling me that was what was required and then discovered that the last bill hadn’t been paid and the phone had effectively been cut off.

Allow me to explain, my wife pays the bills for both her and my phone through her bank account automatically. A few days ago she discovered that her card had been compromised and cancelled it. She has a new card now of course, but the charge was evidently made during the days the one card was cancelled and before the other card was set up. There was no interim communication from Cricket warning us that the bill hadn’t been paid.

So today,¬†we went home and¬†paid the bill. They surcharge you $2 for paying the bill over the phone and refuse to email you your password information so you can pay it the normal way until you’ve paid the bill. Basically it’s a trap to force a surcharge on you, so points off for customer service there Cricket.

I ended up with a phone, with all my apps removed, all my and probably even more of my wifes time wasted, having been spent getting my phone just how I like it, and it’s all wiped away to be redone. I also have a bad memory of the service at the shop, because even as we were talking to the service woman we had the feeling she was talking rubbish most of the time. I won’t go into more detail that that, lets just say some of ther claims she made didn’t make a lot of sense.

So yes, probably not a big deal when you consider the larger picture. It’s not like I won’t have to do this all over again when I do get the Glory, but definitely a bad taste in the mouth. .



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Chapter fifty-six is done, yay

15 pages or 4402 words.

A brief synopsis, hmm, the hero wins. 

This is the fifth chapter of the month, so better output than last month, but only just. I’ll have to try and do even better next month.


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I made a slight alteration to chapter fifty-five

There was something about it that was bothering me, a minor plothole if you like. I thought I could fix it by how I handled chapter fifty-six, but this evening it was still bothering me. It’s now fixed. The chapter now¬†sixteen pages¬†and is 4556 words¬†long.

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So the first day on this chapter is finished

Before the check it is 13 pages, 3677 words long. It’s likely to get longer.

Most of the chapter is the hero fighting off the two baddies that were bearing down on him at the end of the last chapter. I won’t go into more detail than that.

This is really the third chapter to come off of the old chapter thirty-five. Though the fight scene is much longer and more exciting.

As I said in my last post, chapter fifty-seven will look at the heroine and how things are going at her wedding feast. I will say things are just beginning to hot up for her as well. But that probably won’t be for about a week and tomorrow, chapter fifty-six still needs to be checked through

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No update today. Probably no update tomorrow either. I may be in Tuscon tomorrow, keeping my wife company and aiding her with the work that she has to do there.

Today, I’ve been thinking hard on the chapters that have been coming up while at the same time wondering how difficult I should make the current fight for the hero. If I make it too difficult I might have trouble finding a way out for him, not difficult enough and there’d be no challenge. It’s hard to find that middleground.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be back hard at work on saturday. Chapter fifty-six is actually the last of the chapters that will be following the current story line. Then I plan to jump to the hero’s sister for a few chapters. I think of her as the heroine, though up until now she has been little more than a minor charactor. Anyway, when last we saw her (somewhee back in the mid-forties) she was just getting married. Now, ten plus chapter but only about two to three story hours later, we have the wedding feast, thats not until chapter fifty-seven though. I still have fifty-six to deal with first.

Also a short warning that I’m unlikely to be working on the book next wednesday-friday. Monday and tuesday are doubtful as well. I’m planning on having a headache on wednesday, which might sound strange but it makes perfect sense to me. I don’t know how long that’ll last for.

My final comment is that I won’t be watching a movie tomorrow. I think I already mentioned, but nothing is coming out this friday that looks like the sort of thing I want to see.


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Defeat your enemies by creating devastating matches of attacks and counter attacks.
An interesting take on bejewelled. Take turns with your opponent to match gems to power attacks, defences, counter attacks, healing and other things.

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So, Chapter Fifty-Five

It came out to 14 pages, though I’ve barely touched the fourteenth page.¬†4066 words.*

Strange how when I was at school I used to struggle to write essays of 400 words or more and yet I have no problem writing thousands upon thousands of words in my novel. Even some of my blog posts have been more than 400 words.

I’m planning to work on chapter Fifty-Six tomorrow. It would be nice to see what I have planned to get the hero out of his current predicament. However…

Wifie is considering a trip to tuscon tomorrow,¬†I’m in two minds about going. If I do, 56 might be delayed until Friday.¬†I don’t think there are any movies I want to see Friday this week though, so maybe a trip to Tuscon wouldn’t be too bad.

 * Make that 4262 words (after a quick correction) and more of page 14 is now covered almost reaching a 15th page (yay!)

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Check out the test subject abilities in various settings.
Seems to be a nice simple platform game. Reach the goal and move on to the next level. – Shar

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There will still need to be a check through, but the basic chapter is written as of midnight plus thirty-five.

So far it’s eleven pages, or 3342 words long, bringing it just short of the twelfth page.

In This episode – The hero tries to rescue his brother and the chapter is brought to a close as two heavily armoured prison guards are bearing down on the hero who, for reasons that will become clear if you buy the book, is currently unarmed.


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