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It’s sunday and there is still no game
I’ve decided to set the plugin to supply games daily
this means that once again I’ll have to remove duplicate games by hand.
The alternate is the dump the plugin. I like having the daily game
around. It prompts me to makes posts as the alternate would be to get a blog
filled with games. Obviously then, when it doesn’t work, it’s not doing it’s job.

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Be warned this post might contain spoilers

I went to the movie filled with trepidation. I mean ‘Cowboys and Aliens’, what a stupid name for a movie. It almost feels on a par with ‘Snakes On A Plane.’ That was a movie with such an awful title I couldn’t bring myself to even go and watch it.

What can I say? It was entertaining rubbish. Two big name actors supported by lots of smaller less well known artistes some of whom weren’t really all that good at acting.
The aliens, a vastly superior technological species with extremely advanced technology that doesn’t shoot straight. The aliens seem to do more damage taking the humans on hand-to-hand. Not that there’s really anything wrong with the accuracy of their weapons, the one Daniel uses never seems to miss.
What else, well, the great scene at the end with the spaceship taking off, why did it look like a primitive one shot moon rocket? I suppose aliens might land in craft like that, but I alway think of aliens as being advanced, otherwise how can they reach earth in the first place?

Then there was chekov’s knife. Who can honestly say, when harry handed that knife to the kid, they didn’t know it was going to be important later in the movie? Though the scene did seem to be added specially just so it would become important. Then again if it hadn’t, maybe I’d’ve complained about the kid not being targetted.

For all it’s faults though, the movie was entertaining. I liked it.

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I’m in my mid-forties
That’s forty plus years I’ve been on this planet
and never, not even once.
Have I ever been abducted by aliens.
I mean, seriously, is there something wrong with me?
Or am I just not doing it right.
I suppose I should be glad
Not being abducted means that I have never been probed.
There have been no alien gizmos stuck into certain orifices of my body.
Nevertheless, I think it might be nice to talk to an alien for a while,
get to know his/her/it’s interests and find out what life is really like on
alien planets. Maybe take a joyride around the universe. That sort of thing

I’ll admit I find it hard to believe aliens coming here would be hostile.
They build huge expensive spaceships filled with all sort of fancy gadgets and
come here. They find a primitive race that is barely capable of leaving their own planet.
Why would they invade? Well I can think of some reasons, such as needing living space.
Actually that’s been enough for people on earth to invade their neighbours in the past.
I’ll have to think about this one.

I’d also like to suggest that any alien entering our solar system might prove to be scared of us.
I have this image of them picking up our radio and TV broadcasts and making comments such as.
‘These Earthlings don’t look all that powerful, but they got the better of race X or species Y’
‘Look how they were able to outwit an invasion force from planet Z’
and even
‘Don’t invade Earth. They get regular aid from a highly advanced alien being, he’s not lost a battle yet! Changed his face a few times though!’

I also wonder about how an alien would be treated on Earth. The movies I’ve seen often show an alien being interrogated and even tortured by officials, Men in Black if you like. Now, okay these are just movies. However, I can see how certain government organisations would want to interrogate and even dissect alien lifeforms to find out their purpose in coming here. I can see scientists wanting tissue samples to see what sort of planet they come from, what they eat, what they breathe and so on.
Is that wise?
Seriously, this alien has arrived in a spaceship from light years away. The mere arrival of this alien is proof that the creature is technologically advanced. There’s no knowledge of how many others there might be on the ship. There’s no telling how many other ships might belong to the same fleet and might be sitting nearby and theres no telling how armed the ship is. Though I’d expect the arnament on such a ship, especially one ready for war would rival that of a small nuclear country at the least.
And then you torture their agent.
I have to ask is that wise?

In the end though, this is all conjecture. Perhaps I watch too many movies.
Maybe I’ve never been abducted because I’m not interesting enough
Or maybe I have been abducted and had my mind erased of the entire event
Or maybe I’ve never been abducted because there are no aliens near enough to abduct me.

Personally I think it’s most likely to be the last choice.

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Still no sign of a game yet this week.

I wonder if their site is down or if their off on holiday or something.

I’ll leave the plugin active for now, but if the same thing happens next week and maybe the week after I think I might turn it off.

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As promised chapter fifty-one was checked through again today.

I changed a few things around, got my eye in and finished the chapter at 3288 words. (11 + pages)

What else can I say, the description of what happens in the chapter is the same as it was yesterday.


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A fairly easy chapter to write, I still plan to check it tomorrow, but todays first sweep ended with nine pages (well, I suppose eight and a half.) it’s only about 2500 words. I’ll tidy it up tomorrow and see what I end up with.

Tuesday I plan to check the chapter though, then in the afternoon I’ll probably have work commitments which will also take over wednesday. Once they are complete I need to help wifie in getting the house properly clean in time for the visit from her sister. We need to empty the spare room for one thing.

Since I won’t be working on the book while my sister-in-law is here, chapter fifty-one will likely be the last chapter I’ll have a chance to work on until about the middle of August.

So what happens in the chapter? Well theres a lot of chatting. The hero meets some old friends and is reunited with his girlfriend. I know it doesn’t sound exciting, but I keep it short and it is and important chapter. (All my chapters are important otherwise I wouldn’t write them :))

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You know,

I am supposed to get a new game on sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday.

I wonder where todays game is!!!

I also wondered where yesterday’s game was (yesterday) but decided to wait until today before commenting.

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Chapter fifty is finished, well, for this run through anyway.

It came out to 14 pages, though there’s only one line on the fourteenth page. I hate it when it does that, it feels a bit like a waste, like I trying to claim 14 pages when there are only really 13 because 1 line hardly equates to an entire page.

Anyway the chapter is 4000 words, give or take a hundred. (4051 according to the word count thingy)

The highly exciting happenings include the hero being caught and locked up by slavers.

I plan to work on chapter fifty-one on monday and most likely tuesday.


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Captain America was okay. Not great, not special but a nice mindless diversion from the rest of the day. A chance to get out an watch a movie rather than stay in stuck to the TV (Not that I do that anyway)

The ending was a little bit anti-climatic, the story wasn’t too bad although some elements were predictable. I suppose one thing that does bother me is the idea that one man, admittedly suped up, but not invulnarable, can run around in a bright costume and not draw a lot more enermy fire. (Oh look, thats the hero, that’s the guy we need to kill!) Then again I never read the comics, so maybe there’s a good reason for it.



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Another day hard at work on chapter fifty

There still needs to be a fourth draft of the chapter, but so far it’s come out to about 13 pages as I described earlier. I’m trying to avoid chapters that are too long and so I followed the age old custom of splitting the chapter. The old version of the chapter was only 11 pages anyway, I was at page 13 with still 5 or six of those old pages to go. Combined to the fact that I intend to add certain elements that in the previous version of the novel had already been covered at this point but due to changing the story slightly I could no longer include them then, I think I should easily be able to get a full chapter out of what’s left.

I plan to recheck chapter fifty on Friday after the movie, if I’m in the mood. I wouldn’t start a new chapter on a Friday but I might be willing to check a chapter through. If I’m not in the mood I will move the check to Saturday.

For those who care, I consider each page to be worth about 300 words. 13 pages equates to something just under 4000 words. I’ll give you a more accurate count on the chapter when I’m happy with the final version (Friday or Saturday.)


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