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Warning Spoilers.

So, it’s February and my wife and I catch a trailer for this upcoming movie. It looks good, we can’t wait to see it. Then was it worth the wait? Definitely not.

There are bits the movie could certainly do without. The lecture theatre seemed to serve no purpose except to establish a load of rubbish as fact. (Okay, this is fantasy so maybe in this world the lecturer was right) the thing is you don’t just use 10% of your brain, you use 100% it’s just you aren’t consciously aware of using about 90% because it doesn’t make sense to have to think about the rate your heart beats or digesting food etc.

The movies was pretty in places but that’s about all it has going for it. There is a scene where Lucy and her sidekick try to reach a hospital by driving virtually the whole way the wrong way. The excuse is that they are ‘already late’ but the real excuse is the movie hasn’t had enough action scenes up to this point.

She break into see the big evil boss who did the thing to her. She shoots all his mooks but leaves Mr big bad himself alive (despite her apparent disconnect to life and) despite the fact that even a lobotomized carrot would have seen that he would chase her for revenge.

And the ending? Even with the gunfight between the cops and the bad guys, it felt very anti-climatic. Maybe because Lucy (the main character) was sat in a small room the whole time making herself even more powerful.

It also feels as if the movie ends without a real ending.

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