A man and a woman, wearing battle exosuits and looking battle-worn, stand against an urban background devastated by war.

Warning Spoilers

I tend to avoid Tom Cruise movies, I think I might be getting over my dislike for him though. Saying that I would much rather they had put anyone other than him in the main role. His acting had a lot to be desired, if anything it has gotten worse since I last saw him. One thing I will say though, he’s aging well.

So, what we have is a sci fi version of Groundhog Day. The big bad creature that has to be destroyed in order to save the world has the ability to reset the day if one of it’s special minions are killed. Should someone die while getting squirted with the blood they too gain the ability but can only trigger it by dying.

So we see Tom Cruise die a lot, which is all good.

I’ll admit I have a small inner struggle giving a movie with Tom Cruise in it such a high ranking as I plan to, but I must over look who was in it and judge it on it’s own merit.



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Vincent E Shearman is an science fiction and fantasy author. He is the author of the sci-fi novel London Wild and is currently working on a trilogy of fantasy novels.

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