What is it?

ObamaCare is a government edict forcing people to gamble

what is more, you don’t get a choice, you can’t choose to place your money on red or black. You are forced to place your bet as the goverment dictates. (What kind of bet is it where you are forced to bet on being sick!)

Furthermore, you are placing your bet with a house that doesn’t like to pay out and if something happens where it is actually forced to pay out, the house will demand more money next time for what amounts to the same payback.

Yes you could say I’m not happy with this. If I want to throw away my money, let me choose the game. I’ll take the money to a local casino, the resutl will be the same but I’ll have more fun throwing my money away!

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Vincent E Shearman is an science fiction and fantasy author. He is the author of the sci-fi novel London Wild and is currently working on a trilogy of fantasy novels.

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